Over the final hump!

by Joe Flood on 11 March 2014

And now I'm pleased (and absolutely astonished!) to say that I've finally ditched Qt once and for all!

I've migrated over to CMake, which was about 2 hours' work to do for 2 small games and the engine tech not very long at all.

I'm now using JetBrains' new C++ IDE with it too and it's amazing! It's got its fair few bugs and issues, but no more than any other beta software has. In fact, it's not once crashed on me, and it's not really ever got in my way either... not bad going at all!

What about GUI apps you say? I'm not worried. Qt is really, really, really good at allowing you to make GUI apps in C++, but that doesn't mean it's the best. You also pay through the nose to actually use it outside of a very restrictive set of situations! So what can we use instead? wxWidgets of course!

Progress, progress, progress!

by Joe Flood on 10 March 2014

Finally found out the real cost of using Qt in my game engine around 3,000 per developer seat per platform(!!).

Since I'll be targeting Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, it would be prohibitively costly to go with Qt, and completely non-scalable if I add additional developers into the mix!

So with this in mind, I took to removing Qt from my game engine in its entirety! Fast-forward a few weeks and here we are completely Qt-less. I also built in support for swappable backends too, so if I ever switch again, it'll be very easy to do so and porting will be about a day's work rather than upward of a week!

So what am I using instead? Good old open-source, free licensed software of course! We're now using GLEW to pull out the OpenGL functions, SOIL to load in images/textures, and GLFW to create the contexts (at least for the desktop anyway!)

All that remains now is to migrate from using Qt Creator and qmake to using another IDE (maybe JetBrain's new one?) along with CMake

Here goes nothing...

Game Engine Preview

by Joe Flood on 24 January 2014

Here's some progress - I have my C++ game engine running in both 3D and 2D modes, and I'm part-way through implementing a simple randomly-generated dungeon crawler game using it.

It's heavily reliant on Qt for now, but since I found out Qt's licensing rules are a little costly, I am in the process of weaning the engine off of it!

Anyways, I'll probably make a slightly more in-depth post another day about this but for now, enjoy a short video of my progress!


by Joe Flood on 11 December 2013

As you can see, we've given the site a bit of a facelift. We've replaced some fonts here and there, used a bit more of our orange key colour, and a few other smaller details.

It's only a small change but I think it makes the site a lot fresher looking! 

std::cout << "Success!" << std::endl;

by Joe Flood on 19 October 2013

Finally taking the plunge and trying to learn C++, because:
  1. It improves job prospects for game developers
  2. It's ridiculously complex, and makes you think a lot more
  3. and I've always wanted to try!

And it's really fun! I must admit, I'm dipping into it slowly by using the Qt framework - but from there I could create a cross-platform game in C++ rather than Java and have it all running natively, while at the same time improving my coding ability and my job prospects...

No brainer, I'd say!

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